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We, at Solar Magic, are using solar energy for various unconventional products. Converting solar energy into electricity is not efficient, but it can be efficiently used for drying, cooling and other purposes. The conventional drying methods involve drying under open atmospheric conditions, allowing dirt to collect on it. It is also affected by climatic conditions. We aim to keep our products as natural and non-polluting as possible.


The Solar Tunnel Dryer developed by us, dries grapes into raisins in 1/3rd the time and more hygienically as compared conventional techniques. Our products have no post treatment done on them. They are not bleached with sulphur, color or any preservatives. These chemicals cause irritation and have other harmful effects.

Thus our products are free from dust and harmful sulphur found all in other Indian products. Stringent hygiene measures and innovation help maintain the unmatched quality of our products.